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These are the questions that you should ask home movers before hiring them.

Nov 14

These are the questions that you should ask home movers before hiring them.

You are ready to move out of your old apartment and into your new home. You will need to hire movers depending on how many items you need to move.


It's important to have some family heirlooms or fragile items with you, so it is essential that you hire a professional company to do this. If your apartment door gets damaged by the movers, you don't want your security deposit to be lost.


Before you hire them, ask your movers about how they handle fragile items. Also, inquire about their property protection policies. These are just a few of the questions you should ask. This guide will help you learn more.


Is Your Business Licensed?

Your belongings are being protected by your moving company. You don't want to fall for a scam. Asking a company before hiring them if they are licensed is the best way to avoid this.


A license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation is required for interstate moving companies. Online, you can check to see if they do have one.


Because they are regulated by their state, local moving services will not be issued a number by the United States Department of Transportation. They will be issued a license by the state.


What number of years have you been in business?

A company's longevity is not a reliable indicator of its quality. You might find a company that is just starting to provide exceptional service, so don't be afraid to ask them the other questions.


However, the longer a company is around, the more they are familiar with different moves. A company that has been in business for more than ten years must be doing something right.


What Type of Liability Insurance Do You Provide?

Many moving companies offer some type of liability coverage. If your items are damaged by their negligence, they will replace them. It is not clear how much liability coverage a company provides.


They only cover the weight of an item by a specific amount. You can also get full liability coverage for a small fee by using other moving companies. You might also be able to have your items covered based on their importance, rather than their weight.


Are your workers covered by Worker's Compensation insurance?

Many states require that companies have some type of worker's comp insurance. This insurance protects workers from injury while moving their belongings.


You may be able to cover worker's medical costs if the company does not have worker's comp insurance.


When is the Busy Season?

Summer is peak season for moving. Temporary workers are sometimes hired by companies to fill in for employees who aren't available. These temps are usually students or people new to the industry.


They're likely to make mistakes, break things, or injure themselves because they are new. You shouldn't dismiss temps employed by companies. If they are unable to help, ask them to send their professionals.


Are You Using Storage Facilities?

Your belongings may be stored depending on the nature of your move. Some home movers own their own storage facility. If this is the case, you can ask about the state of the facilities to get some peace of mind.


Many companies use third-party storage providers. Ask for the contact information of the storage company to inquire about their facilities. If you are having your items stored, it is worth checking if additional fees apply.


Could you give me references or show me recommendations?

You can trust the company to handle your belongings if they have a long list satisfied customers and have won awards. Ask the company for a list of references.


Online reviews are a great way to find out more about the company and do some additional research beyond the references. You can find out if there have been any issues with the company by looking online reviews.


Can you provide an on-site estimate?

Ask for an estimate and see if they will come to your home. They will visit your home to inspect the materials and provide a price quote.


This is a red flag if the company refuses. This could lead to additional charges later. You should give them a detailed list of all the moving details if they only offer a quote by phone or email.


They should then be able give you a written estimate. This will include the name of the company and their address. It also includes a detailed list detailing the charges to make sure you understand what you are paying.


What Do You Charge?

Short distance movers usually charge by the hour. Some charge by the item's weight or the number of workers needed to complete the job.


One company might charge by the hour, but stop charging after a set amount of time. Asking questions will help you plan.


Do you offer discounts?

Although hiring a moving company is expensive, there are some services that can help you save money. Many companies offer discounts to students or have special promotions during off-season. You may be able save some money if you have a unique and exceptional situation.


These are all common things so ask your mover. They will most likely say no.


Are There Any Packing Restrictions?

Some movers will provide all the necessary supplies to pack your belongings for a small fee. Some companies ask that you do not tape up your boxes until they arrive so they can be placed on the truck.


They can then verify your belongings and take an inventory. You might prefer to use their supplies than buying boxes at the local supermarket.


If you pack everything yourself, you could lose your liability insurance. Ask them if they have any restrictions on what you can pack.


How long will the move take?

While the move is taking place, it's a smart idea to have someone look after your pets and children. Fido shouldn't run away and get lost. You will need to know the flight time if you are moving long distance.


It is important to determine the time that you must give your landlord your keys. You should plan ahead as some moving companies may charge per hour.


Ask the company for an estimate on the time it will take. This will help you make the arrangements that you need.


How can you prevent property damage?

Your security deposit has been kept safe and sound so far. It's not something you want to lose because the movers break the doorframe while trying to move your couch.


Also, you don't want extra cleaning to be done before you go. To protect your home and the one you are moving into, moving companies will use blankets, carpet films and corner guards as well as foam.


What if something is broken or doesn't arrive at all?

This question depends on the type of insurance you have. Released Value Protection doesn't cover many things. Full Value Protection will cover everything that is damaged or lost by the moving company.


You may still be eligible for Full Value Protection, depending on your contract with the mover. Most companies will reimburse you for any damage to the item if it was damaged because you poorly packed it.


How do you handle fragile items?

Don't forget to label any boxes that have breakable items with FRAGILE. This informs the movers they must be careful. Ask the service how they handle these boxes.


It's enough to make your glass china squirm. You will need to give special care to any family heirlooms. Ask the company about how they handle them.


Additional Transfers Possible?

Moving long distances can mean that the truck may have to stop in order to move your stuff to another truck. This can increase the likelihood of your stuff being damaged.


You might find your stuff has to be moved in a truck for several days or nights. Ask the company about how safe your stuff will be in case of bad weather. If the truck needs to stop, will your items be safe from theft?


When will I get my things?

It might be helpful to find out how long you will be without your things. Ask when your items will arrive.


Although it is difficult to predict the exact delivery time, they should be able tell you when the truck should arrive.


What if my items arrive before I do?

It's possible for anything to happen on the roads. You might not get your stuff at your destination because of a traffic delay. In the event of this happening, you need to be aware of what happens to your stuff.


Some items may need to be stored until you arrive at your new home or until it is ready. Ask your moving company what extra storage you will need.


How do you handle complaints and disputes?

It's important to understand how the service will be handled if you have any problems. Are they able to settle the matter peacefully, or are there a number of claims against them in the past?


You can be sure that you won't have any problems if they are able to resolve disputes without conflict.


Have Questions?

Your moving company will likely have a list to answer your questions in order to provide you with the best possible service. This will allow them to fully understand your needs.


You may get some helpful advice and suggestions. This is a great sign that you have found the right service.


Questions for Home Movers

It is time to get out of your apartment and move into your dream home. It's important to hire the best home movers.