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How to tell if your HVAC system runs at its best

Nov 24

How to tell if your HVAC system runs at its best


High-efficiency HVAC systems offer the highest level of comfort with the lowest energy consumption.


It is important to perform preventative maintenance regularly in order to keep the system at its best. Your HVAC system might need annual service to detect corrosion, leaks, wear and tear, which can be quickly repaired.


Trane Home is a well-known producer of residential HVAC systems. They also have expertise in energy conservation and environmental technology.


  • Filters need to be replaced.

Your Washington HVAC Boss filter should be checked at least every 90 days. You may need to check it more often if your system is used frequently, you have pets, or you suffer from allergies (every 45-60 days). Filters that are dirty should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure that your system is running smoothly and efficiently.


Tip: High-filtration air filters like the Trane Comfort Performance air filters are recommended to improve indoor air quality and system efficiency. These filters were made with the aim of increasing airflow and can be used with any HVAC system. It is a good idea also to have a few extra filters available at all times so that you can quickly change them.


  • Foil tape used to wrap an HVAC duct by a Ductwork


You should inspect your ductwork to see if there are any tears. This could indicate that your HVAC system is leaking. You should contact a local HVAC technician to conduct a thorough inspection. Access to your crawlspace, basement, or attic will be required in order for them to inspect the relevant air ducts.


  • Conduct a Smell Test


Are there any unusual odors that you notice when your HVAC system is starting up? You may notice a slight stench at first when your heater turns on in winter. But it should quickly disappear and remain absent throughout the year. If the odor persists contact a specialist.


  • Pay attention to unusual sounds.


You should keep your HVAC system's sound level to a minimum. Find out how your heater and AC sound when they are working. This will help you to identify any unusual noises or banging that should be addressed.


The modern, energy-efficient air conditioners and heaters are quiet so you should be aware of any unusual sounds. If you do hear unusual noises, you should immediately turn the HVAC system off and contact an HVAC specialist.


  • Outdoor Maintenance


Give your HVAC unit an inspection in spring and fall to ensure it is in top working order. Make sure to clear out all dirt, leaves, and debris from the control box and main cabinets.


You should inspect the drain ports and the cabinet for leaks or obstructions. While the unit runs, check the fan blades for wear or damage and listen for unusual sounds.


  • Check your utility bills.


If your power bills are increasing but you don't notice any changes, there could be an issue in your HVAC system or a leak. To determine the cause, consult a specialist.


If you're looking to upgrade your system, think about the energy savings. It is one of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems available, which can help you cut your power bills.


  • Inspection


The air ducts should be inspected. To ensure that they are not blocked or dirty, you should inspect them on a regular basis. You can hire someone to clean them or just follow some basic cleaning instructions.

Your thermostat's temperature should be checked. Check to see if the thermostat you have is capable of handling the task. If your thermostat is old and not working, you can invest in a programmable thermostat. It will allow for temperature adjustments throughout the day and also adjust to seasonal changes. This will save you hundreds of dollars each year if you travel a lot.


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