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Chicago Car Enthusiasts Talk About The Benefits of Having A Custom Paint Job Done On A Vehicle

Jan 27

Car Enthusiasts in Chicago Discuss the Advantages of Getting A Custom Paint Job Done On A Vehicle

Having your car painted in Chicago Illinois may be a very rewarding experience. Not only will your car look new, but its external durability will also be greatly improved. Choosing to have your vehicle repainted also necessitates a financial and time commitment.

Take some time to gather information before bringing your vehicle to a paint or auto body shop. Knowing what the painting process entails makes deciding whether or not to get your vehicle repainted much easier. You can make a more informed judgment if you have all of the data.

Why Quality Automotive Paint Jobs Are Important?

Paint has a purpose other than merely making your car seem attractive. Even though the metal that makes up your car's body is sturdy, it can and will corrode with time. Just like repairing a vacuum leak in your car. Every time you drive your automobile, it comes into contact with road dust and dirt, which you may or may not notice. Paint is a protective layer that shields your vehicle from the harm that the road might do. Quality paint equals less rust and maybe more damage to the car's components. The more metal you have, the better your car will be able to withstand regular driving and even another prospective collision. The better the paint job, particularly over a repaired area, the more likely the metal will remain strong. 

If the appearance of your automobile or truck is important to you, you might want to explore a custom paint job. For automobile and truck aficionados, a custom automotive paint job has numerous advantages. For starters, you make your automobile or truck stand out from the crowd by applying custom paint that is not available from the factory. You want to stand out, not blend in with the throng. A custom paint job lets you show off your originality and distinctiveness, with everything from designs to cool metallic paint that looks really amazing at night. The most important part though is finding the right body shop, the top body shops in Chicago may offer damage repairs but quality paint is a different service. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Paint Job in Chicago, Illinois?

The color of a car can have a big impact on not only the automobile's identity but also the car's owner's. Custom auto paint jobs are done for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is the owner's dissatisfaction with the present color or the fact that the original paint job is chipped and fading. The following are some of the most enticing advantages of a custom paint job.

  • Increase the resale value of your home. The resale value of a vehicle increases significantly when it has a custom paint job. How much is determined by the paint job, style, and color you choose. While you should choose paint or design that you like, it can make it easier to sell your car or truck when the time comes.
  • It's like if I'm driving a brand new car. It feels like a new automobile when you receive a customized paint job, even if it isn't. It gives your ancient car a new lease on life. It will appear new on the exterior, and if you choose to have a professional inside detail job done, it will feel like a brand new vehicle. A new paint job, for example, will revive your car or truck if the paint has faded over time.
  • Reverses the effects of time and the elements. The fact is that your automobile or truck is exposed to factors that wear away at its paint every day on the road. The sun's rays, road salt, and even acidic rain can fade the color and damage the factory-applied paint of your car. Gravel, sand, and other road debris can scratch and ruin the paint of your car. All of this damage depreciates your car's appearance and value over time. A custom automobile paint job can restore your car's outside appearance and increase its worth by hundreds of dollars.

How Can A Custom Paint Job Increase The Resale Value Of A Vehicle?

We all know what a custom vehicle paint job is, but how can it boost the resale value of your car? Color, believe it or not, has a significant impact on the depreciation or appreciation of a car's value. The safest colors for cars are black, gray, brown, blue, red, white, green, and orange, according to a study on automobile colors and resale value, with yellow having the lowest depreciation percentage.

Other hues, such as gold and purple, are attractive but can work against you when it comes time to sell your car. So, unless you intend to maintain your car indefinitely, we recommend avoiding those hues. The major reason that a custom paint job might boost your car's resale value is that it makes it appear as if you take good care of it.

Consider the last time you looked at a car from a private seller. Was that the one with the chipped or corroded paint you wanted, or the one that appeared to be almost new? Cars with symptoms of neglect, such as fading or chipped paint, broken tail lights, worn tires, or ripped upholstery, will not sell for much. If you're lucky, you might be looking at a few hundred dollars.

You might be able to sell it for a couple of thousand dollars rather than a few hundred dollars if you address all the small flaws and have a brand new, custom paint job before selling it.

What Are The Signs That A Car Needs A Paint Job?

It is critical that you take excellent care of your vehicle. One of the most important parts of your car is the paint. When it comes to determining a car's value and age, we like to do so primarily on its appearance. Paint makes up a large part of a car's appearance. A flawless paint job can increase the worth of your car by thousands of dollars and make it significantly easier to live with or sell in the future. We'll go over a few things to check for when deciding whether or not you need a new paint job, as well as what you can do if you don't.

  • Fading. One of the most common reasons people get their cars entirely repainted is because the paint has faded. When your paint starts to fade, it loses its color and depth. Because of the sluggish transition and their constant viewing of the vehicle, the owner frequently cannot detect if the car has faded. Using a previous photo of your automobile from your personal files or from the internet is a terrific way to assess if it has faded badly. If your car is substantially discolored and lacks a sheen that creates a reflection when comparing the two photos, it may be time for a new paint job. The lack of paint protection is the most common cause of paint fading. When the paint is exposed to the elements, such as the sun, snow, and other harsh elements of nature, it can deteriorate over time. The easiest way to avoid this is to have your automobile waxed at least four times a year by a professional. To avoid fading and spending thousands of dollars on a new paint job, it is advised that black cars be polished at least six times every year.
  • Paint Peeling. Another sign that your vehicle needs a fresh paint job is peeling. Fading usually precedes peeling, but if you notice places on your paint where the clear coat is peeling away from the basecoat, it's time for a fresh coat of paint. Another annoyance that can be avoided with adequate care and prevention is peeling. Peeling can be identified by strongly discolored regions, paint bubbles, or paint chips that have been exposed for an extended period of time. You can considerably lessen the possibilities of your paint and clear coat peeling by having your automobile waxed by a professional on a regular basis.
  • Extensive Scratches. Scratches that are severe and numerous can also indicate that you need a new paint job. Scratches make determining whether or not you need a fresh paint job very difficult. A competent specialist can buff out some scratches with a high-speed polisher. Other scratches have penetrated the paint so deeply that no amount of buffing will be able to remove them. Wetting your finger and wiping it over the scratch is an excellent way to tell if it is deep or not; if it vanishes briefly, there is a fair chance it can be salvaged; if it does not disappear, it may be untreatable. Check to see whether you can see the surface beneath the paint through the scratch; if you can, the scratch is too deep, and you'll need to reapply paint. It might be time for a new paint job if you've gathered multiple scratches that can't be removed with a high-speed polisher. You should also avoid scenarios that could scratch your fresh paint job, such as parking lots, tight parking places, grocery carts, and placing boxes or goods on your car.

You'll be in a wonderful position to make an informed choice about whether your car needs a new paint job if you use these three methods to assess the paint and condition of your vehicle.