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How to Hire a Restaurant Manager?

Apr 10


Your capacity to hire restaurant manager is a key factor in your success as a restaurant's owner. The secret to hiring the right person for the job is dealing with employees effectively and solving issues swiftly and effectively in a sometimes chaotic environment. Additionally, you'll require the ability to listen and effectively evaluate candidates.

1. Describe the ideal manager. Think about the traits you require in your leadership, interpersonal relations and keeping the kitchen running smoothly in rush hour, and the ability to focus thinking under stress. Restaurant Voice states that it is crucial to identify problems early and prevent them from occurring. It is important for someone to understand and perform every role in the restaurant, from serving tables and serving to cooking.


2. Advertise your job posting online as well as in local papers. The job description should include specific information about your qualifications, including the amount of years of experience you have in food service, and your capacity to cook and serve meals, supervise staff, and order food. It is also necessary to request resumes.


3. Candidates should be interviewed with resumes that reflect what you are looking to hire as a manager of a restaurant. Interviews are best scheduled with an hour interval between them so that you're fresh and have ample time to read through resumes and prepare for the next.


4. Ask your interviewees questions in advance. Interviewees should be asked questions ahead of time to enable them to tell their stories. These scenarios should reflect the most frequent problems encountered in the restaurant industry such as conflicts between employees, delayed delivery, customer complaints and late shipments. Ask the applicant about his capability to manage papers, manage staff, attend to safety regulations, and maintain the company's documents.


5. Pay attention to your candidates' responses. Don't let yourself get distracted. Interview your candidates about their experiences in managing restaurants. Discuss with your candidates their experiences with issues such as poor food quality, undercooked or overcooked food staff arguing over tips, and how many tables they managed. You can take notes when they talk so that you can remember key points in comparing candidates.


6. Be aware of each candidate's background. If you are the person who is responsible for running your business, years of experience managing restaurants is essential. You require someone who is able to walk into your restaurant and do everything, from cleaning dishes to cooking. It is crucial to hire someone who will be aware of the demands of the job and follow your instructions without asking.


7. Ask former employees for references. Ask the former employees if they would consider hiring the candidate to hire them again. Discuss with the former employees their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the things they did in their previous job. Get examples from references. They'll be able to give details regarding how the individual handled problems in restaurants, such as temperature, long waits or customer service, scheduling shifts to accommodate busy times as well as ensuring security and health inspections.


8. Every candidate should be assessed on their capability and ability to fulfill the primary job of the manager of the restaurant. You should assess how they manage pressure and think clearly.


9. Your top candidates should be taken for a walk of the restaurant. These are the people who stood out to you the most during the interview process. Invite them to speak to your employees. After that, as you guide them around your premises, observe their confidence and behaviour.


10. Review the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Then, based on the resume, interview and behavior during the tour, choose the one that meets your requirements for a perfect manager.

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