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The Best Jobs in Restaurant Industry

Apr 10


The service industry is a rewarding career path that can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding life.

One of the highest-paying jobs you can have a job in a restaurant. They do not require a college degree. Being a part of a successful team is a great method to earn a living. Find your niche and you will be essential to success. A restaurant job website like RestaurantZone will help you locate different types of jobs in restaurants.

Different types of restaurant jobs

The restaurant you are working at will impact on your job prospects. The positions are offered in large restaurants that serve fast food and casual dining. However, they are less likely to be held by the general manager, proprietor or chef of a posh restaurant.


The chain restaurants are a better option if you are interested in advancing in the ranks. You'll likely be taught and prepared to be promoted. Some high-end chefs start their careers at casual restaurants because they offer higher-quality training programs.



The back-of-the-house positions are responsible for the washing and preparation of dishes. Smaller restaurants may only have one cook or chef. Larger establishments may have a whole team of food preparation personnel. This could comprise chef, sous-chef, prep chef, line cook or baker, along with an executive chef who is accountable for training and inventory, supervising, as well as any other administrative or supervisory duties.

The general manager in chain restaurants is responsible for the entire restaurant from front to back. However, this position isn't usually offered in private restaurants.


Job descriptions for Back-Of the-House


  • They are called cooks. Cooks prepare and cook food, in addition to manage and store food items. The majority of cooks learn their craft as they work, however certain choose to go to culinary school or apprentice programs.


  • The prep cooks chop vegetables and fruits, measure ingredients, clean the food prep areas and keep track of inventory.


  • Bakers: Bread-bakers make, bake and decorate cakes and pastries, bread and many other desserts. Bakers are on hand in advance to ensure that fresh baked goods are readily available to clients when they start their business.


  • Manager of the Kitchen Kitchen managers are responsible for hiring, training, and the scheduling of kitchen staff. They also oversee the inventory and place orders for supplies.


  • The General Manager is responsible for overseeing the restaurant's operations. They are responsible for the hiring, firing, budget management and ordering food, equipment and equipment, as well as maintaining the budget. Most general managers have extensive experience working in the foodservice industry.


Front-of-the-House jobs

These roles are directly in contact with the public. These positions include host, hostess, server (or waiter/waitress) busser and runner, and bartender.


Cashiers and drivers for drive-thru are just two of the numerous jobs that are available in fast-food eateries. Based on the size of the restaurant and the size of its staff, other administrative or support jobs could also be offered for positions such as shift manager floor manager, shift manager, or table captain. These positions may have different duties based on the way in which the restaurant is structured.


Descriptions of Front-Of-House Job Descriptions


  • Server/Hostess - A server or host is usually the first person people are introduced to at the entrance of a restaurant. They may also serve as waitstaff or help in the process of taking orders for drinks.


  • Server: Waiters/waitresses are responsible in taking orders and delivering food and beverages to the customers. They can also answer customer queries and concerns.


  • Busser/Back Waiter: They clean, reset and refill tables with napkins and other condiments. They also collaborate with dishwashers to make sure there is a steady supply of flatware, dishes and other food items.


  • Bartenders: Bartenders prepare and serve drinks. Bartenders are also able to stock and maintain the bar area, and serve snacks and snacks.


  • Cashier: They accept cash from customers, and also make changes to it. They handle credit and debit card transactions with cash registers as well as point sale software. The reconciliation of cash drawers is typically performed by the cashier.


Restaurant Management Jobs

The corporate offices will be offsite for national and regional restaurants. This office will house the top management and the support staff.


There are usually distinct marketing, communications, research, human resource development, administrative or communications departments. These jobs are similar to the positions in larger companies in any industry.


The corporate office is responsible for issues that affect the entire company or the entire region. This includes the development and implementation of the company's policy, marketing strategy branding, policy, and other related matters.


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