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Magazines For Luxury Transport

Dec 2

If you're interested in luxury transportation, you may wish to subscribe to one of several luxury transport magazines. These publications are aimed at ultra-high-net-worth individuals and the family office industry. They feature aspirational travel destinations, billionaires, family office news and conferences, trophy real estate, philanthropy, fashion, wellness and luxury transportation.

Prestige Magazine

If you are looking for the latest in luxury travel, then you should subscribe to Prestige Magazine. The glossy magazine, published every month, is filled with articles about high society, entertainment, luxury travel and fashion. It is distributed in both print and digital versions, with over 10,000 subscribers. If you have a luxury vehicle that you want to advertise in the magazine, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Prestige Magazine is distributed to 50,000 high-net-worth individuals who have at least $10 million in assets. The magazine is published 10 times a year, and it's full of ad space for the latest high-end items. It also features a profile of a comely real estate developer, Janna Bullock.


When it comes to luxury transportation, Tatler is a must-have magazine. Its name has long been synonymous with the world of luxury travel. The magazine is owned by the Nikkei group and the Financial Times. Its reach goes beyond its traditional print edition and its audience is highly discerning. Hence, its readers are well-informed consumers with a keen eye for luxury purchases.

The magazine was first published in 1709 and now is available in digital and print formats. It is a glossy publication that features high fashion, heritage names, contemporary elegance, and the latest drama in society. It is also known for presenting the most glamorous parties and social events.

Impact Wealth Magazine

A luxury travel publication for ultra-high-net-worth individuals, Impact Wealth Magazine is filled with information on luxury travel destinations, business titans, trophy real estate, philanthropy, wellness, and fashion for wealthy readers. In addition, the magazine features thought leadership in areas like investment management, philanthropy, risk management, and insurance. Luxury transportation is also a staple of the magazine, featuring the latest and most luxurious vehicles.

Lifestyle Asia

If you are looking for luxury travel magazines, Lifestyle Asia is your destination. Lifestyle Asia covers travel, dining, beauty, culture and motoring. The luxury publication was launched in Hong Kong in 2006 and has since expanded to countries such as Singapore and Thailand. The magazine has an interactive, visually-driven interface that includes a multi-story homepage slider. It also offers City Guides and Directory features. The website also features exclusive travel experiences.

Lifestyle Asia has localised editions for each of its countries. With local content and exclusive interviews with business titans, it caters to a wealthy audience that appreciates the finer things in life. It features articles on luxury travel, luxury cars, and luxury lifestyle trends. Readers are invited to vote for their favourite luxury travel magazine.

Transportation & Logistics International

Whether you're a driver, chauffeur or just interested in the logistics behind your transport, there's a magazine for you. Transportation & Logistics International is dedicated to celebrating the global logistics industry. It features some of the world's best companies and organisations. Its diverse content includes articles on logistics, transportation and supply chain management. It also features articles on public policy and education.

The CCJ blog is an excellent resource for logistics professionals. The content is constantly updated and includes interviews with leading industry figures. It also features weekly podcasts. Another excellent resource is More Than Shipping, a multifaceted news source for the transportation industry. It covers everything from shipping and freight to logistics and the environment. Its authors come from all over the world, providing an international perspective.