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The City of Chicago IL

Dec 28

The city of Chicago, Illinois is one of the largest cities in the United States. A city on the lake Michigan, Chicago is known for its bold architecture and its skyline. Some of the most famous landmarks in the city are the John Hancock Center, the Tribune Tower, and the Willis Tower. Learn More About Robert Callahan | Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers here.

77 official community areas

Chicago is divided into 77 official community areas. Each area has its own distinct personality and uses. They are also often used as a basis for urban planning.

Community areas were first defined by two sociologists at the University of Chicago in the 1920s. It was a response to the need to get accurate census data. While there are numerous community areas in Chicago, some are quite large and may be more accurately described as neighborhoods.

There are a number of advantages to community areas, including the ability to track crime and income. Community areas are also useful in uniting ethnic and racial communities. But the boundaries of each area haven't always stayed the same.

Neighborhoods are loosely defined, and their borders often change with the flow of people, money, and time. These changes, however, don't always make them the right choice. Some neighborhoods have multiple wards. For example, Lincoln Park has many different boundaries.

Weather in Chicago

The climate of Chicago is influenced by the large thermal mass of Lake Michigan. This contributes to cooler temperatures in summer and warmer temperatures in winter.

The average high temperature in Chicago, Illinois in September is 19 degC (66.2 degF). On a sunny day, the sun reaches the horizon at 07:17 a.m. There are seven days each year with a snowfall total of more than 1.5 inches.

Windy conditions are the most common in the winter season. The predominant direction of the wind is south-southwest. At the moment, the wind is whipping at 19 mph.

Cloudy days are common in Chicago. During the winter, the average sky is overcast or mostly cloudy about 59% of the time.

Usually, Chicago weather is quite humid. Rainfall is frequent in Chicago and occurs throughout the city. Some areas have more rain than others.

Freezing temperatures are possible from October to April. Light rain is likely in the late afternoon. However, Chicago weather can also be very pleasant.

Cost of living in Chicago

There's a lot to love about living in Chicago. The Windy City has a variety of neighborhoods that each have their own personality. Whether you are a sports fan, lover of culture, or just want to live in an exciting city, you will be happy with what you're able to enjoy.

For many Americans, housing is the biggest expense. If you're looking to relocate, you might find that Chicago is more affordable than other major cities. Compared to cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco, you'll find that Chicago costs are quite reasonable.

For example, the cost of renting a one bedroom apartment is less than a cup of coffee, a gallon of milk, and a loaf of bread. Likewise, the price of an 8Mbps internet service is under $50 a month.

Chicago is an affluent city, but you don't have to break the bank to afford a place to call home. Housing is a big chunk of your monthly budget, so it's important to be realistic about how much you can actually afford.

Famous landmarks

Chicago is a vibrant and historic city on the banks of Lake Michigan. It is known for its unique architecture and bold design. There are a number of Chicago landmarks, including the Art Institute, which is the country's largest art museum. This is a wonderful place to visit for a wide variety of exhibits.

The museum has a fantastic collection of works from Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists. Some of the pieces include masterpieces by Rembrandt and Monet. They also have art from Africa.

Located in the heart of the Loop District, the Art Institute of Chicago is the nation's oldest art museum. It has a stunning Beaux-Arts building that houses the incredible collections.

The museum has over 300,000 pieces of art. There are works by Impressionists and Post-Impressionists as well as African art. Also, it is home to the world's largest dinosaur collection.

Another famous landmark is the Chicago Theater, which hosts concerts and plays. This is one of the most popular venues in the city. Visitors can enjoy a cavernous auditorium and a stunning interior.