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These 3 Balloon Decor Tips Will Make Your Baby's Gender Reveal Party Pop With Joy!

Dec 31

Whether you are looking for a fun way to reveal your baby's gender or simply looking for ways to use balloons as decorations for your baby's first birthday, there are some tips you should know - below are three tips for making the most of your balloons!


Tip #1:   Giant Balloons Are Super Fun!

Whether you are looking for the most intricate balloon decor your guests have ever seen or something more simple and cute, giant balloons are a fan-favorite at baby gender reveal parties! A 36 inch balloon is about 3 feet long. Luckily, it has a wide neck opening. This allows you to easily tether the balloon to a hook, which is necessary if you want the balloon to stay afloat. You can get 36 inch balloons in a variety of colors and styles. These balloons can last up to several days, making them the perfect choice for a baby shower, wedding, birthday party or any other occasion that needs balloon decoration. If you have any questions about your balloon decor in Mountain View CA, Diddams Party & Toy Store has been providing balloon decor services for 30+ years and has the reputation of providing an exceptional level of service. In addition to balloons, they also offer a wide variety of balloon related services, including helium refills, balloon arches, balloon garlands, balloon arches for baby showers, balloon arches for weddings, and much more. They also carry the best selection of balloons for weddings in all of Silicon Valley CA.


Tip #2:   Balloon Arches Are A Hit With People Of Every Age

Using balloons to make an arch is an extremely fun way to decorate your party. These colorful decorations can be simple to make and can be a great way to add a little extra flair to any party. Of course, if you want something that will totally knock your guests’ socks off, Diddams Party & Toy Store is the place to call. Balloon arches can be made in a number of ways, depending on your preferences. You can choose to use different colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes. You can also add accessories like greenery or faux flowers to enhance your arch. If you’re interested in DIY, one of the best ways to make an arch is to use a balloon arch kit. These kits come with everything you need, including instructions. They are much easier to assemble than a crib and can showcase up to 96 balloons. Ask your local Diddams Party & Toy Store to help you choose the right kit.


Tip #3:   Gender Reveal Games With Balloons Make Everyone Happy

Whether you are expecting or planning a gender reveal party, there are lots of fun games and activities to make your event memorable. Some of these games are simple enough for kids to play while still being a fun way to reveal the gender of your baby. There are lots of ways to have fun at a gender reveal party, but few things are as fun as a baby gender reveal balloon game! The best part is that it's fun for adults as well.

One fun gender reveal game is to set up a big box full of balloons that are opaque and pass them out to guests. You can fill the balloons with blue or pink confetti (or both if you’re having twins!). Then, on the count of three, everyone pops their balloons all at the same time with the color of the confetti signaling the gender of the baby - a truly exciting moment indeed!



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