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Things to Do in Chicago Illinois

Mar 16

Chicago Illinois is an incredible Midwestern city that offers visitors a range of exciting things to do, including shopping, dining, world-famous arts and cultural events and a vibrant LGBTQ+ scene. The city is famous for its soaring skyline, 42 kilometers of lakefront with 26 beaches, and the diverse neighborhoods that make up its 77-square-mile landscape. Learn more about Mayambo Dance Academy.

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Its history is deeply intertwined with its culture, which draws on traditions of classical music, dance, performing arts and popular music. It also has a rich tradition of improvisational comedy and house music, as well as blues, jazz, gospel and soul.

There’s a thriving restaurant and pub scene, with 25 Michelin-starred eateries and a variety of ethnic cuisines. You’ll find everything from comfort food favorites like deep-dish pizza to upscale dishes that are sure to impress.

Several of the city’s most celebrated restaurants have won awards from Bon Appetit. Some of them even received the highest award in the world, the Michelin Guide.

You can get some great classics like hot dogs and burgers in Chicago, but you’ll want to try local dishes that have a distinct flavor. For instance, the Cheezborger at Billy Goat Tavern is a favorite and the Goatsnake Burger at Kuma’s Corner is another must-try.

The city is also home to many of the most exciting theatre companies in the nation. There’s a balance between the big Broadway-style productions at some of the city’s most prestigious venues and the low-budget experiments that have developed among the more than 200 independent theaters in the city.

Some of the most notable writers and poets have been associated with the city’s literary tradition. They include Theodore Drieser, Eugene Field, Hamlin Garland, Edgar Lee Masters and Frank Norris.

In addition to being the political and business capital of the state, Chicago is also known for its vibrant entertainment scene. There’s a wide range of options for enjoying live music and outdoor festivals, as well as comedy and sports.

Besides its iconic skyline, Chicago has a diverse array of public attractions, including the Museum of Science and Industry and Lincoln Park Zoo. You’ll also find the Shedd Aquarium, the Chicago History Museum and Millennium Park.

You’ll also discover a range of art museums and stunning architecture. Some of the most iconic buildings in the city are the John Hancock Center, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Willis Tower.

The city is also a hub for aviation and manufacturing. Its location on the Mississippi River and its proximity to Lake Michigan facilitated trade between Illinois and other states.

Although a number of important battles were fought during the Civil War, the city did not suffer as badly as other American cities. By the time the war ended, Chicago had regained its prominence as a large commercial center.

After the war, the city continued to grow and became an important transportation hub for the entire country. It was home to a large population of industrial workers, many of whom were union members. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 caused extensive damage and led to the closing of some factories, but the city was able to rebuild.