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Chicago IL - A City of Creativity, Discovery and Innovation

Jun 8

Chicago’s storied past includes many stories of creativity, discovery and innovation. The City continues to be an innovative cultural center and draws talented artists, musicians, actors and writers from around the region. Its specific cuisine, diverse religious communities and thriving economy all contribute to the City’s distinct identity. Expert car accident lawyer.

The City’s critical location on the water route between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River shaped much of its early history. The area was populated by a series of Native American tribes who maintained villages in forested areas near rivers. A stream of explorers and missionaries passed through or settled here beginning with Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet in 1673. Jean-Baptiste Point du Sable established a trading post here in 1779.

By the late 19th Century the growing City was a center of industry and a bustling transportation hub. Railroads, a canal and the Illinois and Michigan Canal brought prosperity. The City was incorporated as a town in 1833 and a city in 1837. Land speculators and the City’s central location in an up-and-coming inland shipping network stimulated growth and a population boom.

During the Great Depression, the City turned to federal relief projects to help keep its citizens busy and employed. Workers on these projects built the Outer Drive Bridge, the State Street subway and hundreds of miles of streets, sewers, sidewalks and curbs. They also painted murals in post offices and schools, collected sources for historical research, produced improvised theatre and created free music.

Today, downtown Chicago is the City’s primary business and retail district and home to dozens of iconic skyscrapers. It is also the site of some of the most renowned museums in the world, including the Field Museum and Art Institute of Chicago.

In the City’s historic neighborhoods, many of the City’s original buildings have been restored to their former glory. The City has also improved and expanded its parks and green spaces. In the 1990s, the City installed new brick sidewalks and historic lighting along Main Street and constructed a nine-mile addition to the Illinois Prairie Path.

One of the City’s best-known shopping districts is the Magnificent Mile, which runs north from Chicago River to Oak Street. The neighborhood is anchored by department store giants Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, with popular boutiques and specialty shops in between. This neighborhood is also home to the city’s best restaurants. For a sophisticated dining experience, consider Jeong, an upscale Korean restaurant from acclaimed chef Dave Park. The tasting menu features gorgeous dishes like a disc of salmon tartare topped with doenjang yuzu gastrique and crunchy rice pearls.

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