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The City of Chicago IL

Jun 8

A metropolis of 2.8 million people, Chicago IL is home to a thriving economy, diverse culture, unique cuisine and beautiful architecture. This is a city where modern skyscrapers and historical buildings stand side by side, with a focus on ecofriendly building initiatives. The city also boasts over 200 theater companies, 30 miles of lakefront with 24 beaches and 600 parks managed by the Chicago Park District. In addition, it has a vibrant downtown, with a thriving business center and the world's largest shopping mall. Expert personal injury lawyer.

The first non-Indian to settle in the area that would become Chicago was Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, a Santo Domingan of mixed African and European descent. He claimed land along the south bank of the Chicago River in 1780, and in 1803 platted lots for the future city. In 1837 Chicago was incorporated, and the following year the Illinois and Michigan Canal was constructed to encourage development. This and the city's diversified manufacturing base gave the town a solid economic footing, which grew as the railroads expanded.

World War II placed the city in a strategic production role, and its population reached 3.62 million by 1950. After the war, urban renewal brought many changes to the city's social fabric. New residents poured in from the West, and African-Americans were an important force in the city's politics.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Chicago benefited from an improved infrastructure. Its downtown was revitalized with brick sidewalks and historic lighting, and a nine-mile addition to the Illinois Prairie Path at Reed-Keppler Park linked the area to downtown. The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning completed a comprehensive transportation study, and the first regional transit authority was established.

Aside from political controversies (former governor Rod Blagojevich and current Mayor Rahm Emanuel are just two examples), most residents are proud to call the city home. The city continues to attract new residents, as well as visitors, from across the United States and around the globe.

The prestigious Art Institute of Chicago is one of the city's cultural landmarks and features an impressive collection of Asian, European and American art. The Field Museum of Natural History is another popular attraction, and the Museum of Contemporary Art has a wide-ranging collection of modern and contemporary art from around the world. The city is also home to the second largest theater district in the nation, with over 200 companies. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, based at the Ravinia Festival Park, is another highlight. A number of famous actors and singers have been born in or lived in Chicago, including Jeremy Piven, Joan Cusack, Gillian Anderson, and Jennifer Hudson. Famed director, actor, and choreographer Bob Fosse also hailed from Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood. Other famous musicians include clarinetist Benny Goodman, and composer and jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis. For a variety of shopping options, visit the Loop's State Street. It's lined with flagship department stores and popular boutiques. It is especially festive during the holiday season when Macy's (formerly Marshall Field's) glistens with elaborate displays.

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