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Chicago IL - The City That Works

Jun 28

With a total of more than 10 million people living in the Chicago metropolitan area in Illinois State, Indiana and Wisconsin, it’s not surprising that this city is considered one of America’s great metropolises. Nicknamed The Windy City, The City that Works, The Second City and the City of Big Shoulders, it’s also home to 15 miles of beautiful beaches and in excess of 7,300 restaurants along with a stunning 26-mile lakefront and the headquarters of more than 10 Fortune 500 companies. Expert salsa lessons in Chicago to improve your dance skills.

After the Black Hawk War, the city quickly grew from its initial population of 4,000 as railroads brought in grain and telegraph lines accelerated communication. Two innovations—grain elevators and the Board of Trade’s wheat grading standards—changed how crops were sold, propelling Chicago to become the world’s largest grain port by 1854. The city’s economy flourished, and the new skyline of Chicago became known as “The Magnificent Mile.”

In the late 19th Century, construction exploded. The Chicago Board-of-Trade & Building and Merchandise Mart were constructed, as well as many other large commercial and financial buildings. A number of transportation innovations took place as well—streetcars that were pulled by horses and then by electricity, railroads that sliced through the heart of the city, and elevated rail lines that reshaped the streets and walled off neighbourhoods. These developments helped Chicago reach its peak population of two million in 1907 and then three million four years later.

The 1920s saw a decline in the city’s fortunes, but it recovered from its troubles and once again became a key centre of commerce and industry. As the century drew to a close, the city’s cultural scene blossomed with the arrival of countless talented young artists and musicians. Creativity, a fascinating mix of cultures and bold new buildings continue to mark Chicago’s position as an innovative cultural centre in the Midwest today.

The Chicago Loop is where most of the city’s action takes place, and it offers plenty to see and do. From the world-famous skyscrapers of the skyline to its renowned museums, art galleries and theatres, this is where it all happens. It’s a place where you’ll find the latest in food, fashion and design, where historic architecture and modern skyscrapers co-exist side by side, and where there is always something going on. So whether you’re a resident of this vibrant and diverse city or planning your next trip here, check out our Chicago IL map collection below to plan your itinerary with ease.

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