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How to Clean Wood Cutting Board

Sep 1

The wood cutting board is one of the essential parts of your kitchen. It is no justification for your kitchen's pretty shape countertop and preparing meat, pullets, vegetables, and other food types entirely. An ideal wood cutting board is a perfect thing for your securing your food in the kitchen.
Woodcutting board is one of the loveable things for home chefs as these are long-lasting and well-founded. Woodcutting boards are excellent for your kitchen; they do not bland your knives and do not comfortably pollute damaging germs. There is an immense misbelief that wood cutting boards are sturdy to clean and conserve but washing a wood cutting board is not painful.

Steps to clean Wood Cutting Board:

There are eight steps to clean the best wood cutting board America's test kitchen. The tips are explained in detail as given below.

Salt and Lemon:

Cleaning with salt and lemon is considered to remove spots and obtain your cutting board very clean. Shaggy salt like kosher salt dusting the board, utilize a lemon cut, and massage with a portly side of the lemon onto the salt enclosed board. Leave the salt and lemon mixture to sit for about five minutes, then flush the salt and lemon mixture with hot water and dry the wood cutting board decent.


White vinegar will help to clean and clear your wood cutting board purely. Blend four lumps of water with one bit of white vinegar, dip your wood cutting board in the mixture for few minutes and then wash and dry it. Do not steep the wood cutting board fleeting or even an hour due to mulish spots. If still there marks remain, try dusting baking soda and then slightly rub on the wood cutting board.


Utilizing bleach to clean your wood cutting board is not a chilling process as it is considered. Utilize a thin bleach mixture, add one tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water, then steep the wood cutting board in the mix for a moment, then wash and dry it. The bleach blend will oversee persisting spots.


When you are done with your wood cutting board, wash it and dry it before sticking any food particles on the wood cutting board's exterior. Then, utilize a swab and soap to scour the wood cutting board to assist lack of mulish food particles. After the basic cleanse of food particles, you can use a fuzzy stroke on the wood cutting board's exterior. If still the particles remain, then swab and wash the cutting board with baking soda.


Spurt about three percent of hydrogen peroxide over the wood cutting board's exterior and extend that all-around utilizing a washed swab, and leave that for a moment. It will foam and terminate the bacteria. If there are splits on the wood cutting board using a knife, this method will be considerable for you. If the foaming is done once, then wash the wood cutting board with hot water.

Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide:

After cutting the chicken or other meat on your wood cutting board, you will have to mix the accrual of germs on your cutting board as hydrogen peroxide usage is an unfailing germ eliminator. Utilize a paper towel to clean the wood cutting board with hydrogen peroxide if you desire to eliminate the germs on your wood cutting board.

Cleaning with Baking Soda:

Maintain your wood cutting board clean and clear with the utilization of rubbing with the baking soda made paste and water, then wash entirely with hot water. Unlike many other cleaning products, baking soda is a safe, natural product and nontoxic to clean the wood cutting board. Baking soda is a useful cleaning source as it is a linen alkali and can solvate grime and lube painlessly in water. Consider the dirty kitchen items which you require to clean with baking soda.

Cleaning with Dish Soap:

If you want to wash your wood cutting board with your hand quickly, you must require hot water, dish soap, and a broom to clean it. Firstly wash the wood cutting board with hot water and then seek soap on it. You can utilize the daily routine work dish soap and then rub that with a brush and clean it clearly with your hands painlessly. If you find knife marks or any other spots like food particles and other tiny marks, you must apply a little more effort to clean it clear.