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Most Expensive Items Sold In OSRS

If you are an avid gamer and love to play RuneScape, then this is a must-read. You may be wondering about the most expensive items in-game that players can buy or sell for OSRS Gold. In this article, I will tell you my top 5 picks of some very high-priced goods one could acquire from quests, boss drops, and minigames.

5 Most Expensive Items Sold In OSRS

What are the most expensive items sold in Old School Runescape? These items may be valuable for their rarity, or because they have an important story behind them. 

5. Elysian Spirit Shield

The Elysian Spirit Shield is the best in Old School RuneScape and it costs 1,040m (just over one billion GP) to purchase. To make this coveted item you will need an Elysian Sigil from Corporeal Beast which has a drop rate of only 1/4905 making these very rare items. You’ll have to be extra lucky finding one because they are extremely hard and slow bosses with high defense levels that require hours upon hours of fighting before obtaining enough loot drops!

4. Twisted Bow

The Twisted Bow is by far the most powerful in RuneScape, and it will cost you. The twisted bow costs a whopping 1,068 million coins to buy! So why does this amazing weapon come at such an exorbitant price? Well for starters, it’s not just any old treasure that can be bought from some shady merchant on a street corner; you need to head into the Chambers of Xeric raid where only elite players go. And if there was ever one thing these hard-core gamers love more than slaying monsters with their high-level weapons – it’s bragging rights over who has what weaponry. There are few things as prestigious as being able to say “my character owns a Twisted bow” which makes them worth every single penny.

3. 3rd Age Bow

As you might have guessed, the remaining top three items are ridiculously expensive in price. The 3rd Age Bow can only be obtained from master clue caskets at a rate of 1/313k or elite clues chests at a rate of 1/488k (unless my math is wrong). Since this item is so incredibly rare it costs an outrageous amount- $1,077m to purchase as I write this article! However, not all hope has been lost for those who want to get their hands on one because with these bows come some nice features that make them worth the cost: they’re able to fire dragon arrows and do so just like any other bow would – quickly yet accurately.

2. 3rd Age Pickaxe

The 3rd Age pickaxe is one of the most expensive items in OSRS. Some people speculate that this item will be worth even more than 2,147m GP! The sheer rarity and insane price make it a perfect candidate for our number two spot on this list – although admittedly not everyone can afford to spend over 1 billion coins just like that.

1. 3rd Age Druidic Set

The 3rd age Druidic Set is the most expensive set in RuneScape by a long shot, costing almost 5 billion coins! To put that into perspective, if you spent all of those gold pieces on something else like say… wizard robes or rune armor sets then they would be worth only around 2 billion GP. It’s clear why this particular set has been ranked #1 for so many years.

So what’s the deal with these robes? They’re expensive, but they look pretty cool.

These are actually really high-level gear that only comes from master clue chests. The best part is how much of a prayer bonus you get for completing this as a set (23). If you can collect them all, then congrats because your prayer skill will be stronger than ever before!

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