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Must Use Real Estate Lead Generation Tools for Real Estate Agents

Jul 30

In today’s competitive environment, having the right lead estate lead generation tools is critical to staying competitive and relevant. In a market that’s currently seeing active real agents outnumbering available listings by at least 2 to 1, maintaining a healthy pipeline of leads is a must. 

Although selling a home has never been easier, low inventory, rising home prices, and rising mortgage rates are fueling fierce bidding wars. Homes are barely lasting a week on the market and most are selling well above their list price. 

More than ever, the leads you acquire through your real estate marketing campaign need constant nurturing. There are over 2 million active real estate licensees in the US. You can be sure that for each lead you talk to, they have other agents also competing for their business. 

The importance of quality real estate lead gen tools

Trying to manage your various real estate lead generation streams requires staying on top of your game at all times. Even then, you are bound to make some mistakes like missing an appointment or simply failing to answer a client’s call. 

Realtor lead gen tools in 2021 have made tremendous advances in helping real estate agents maintain an active pipeline of leads. From robust CRM capabilities to impressive lead generation features, picking the right tool can make a big difference. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at two of our favorite must-use real estate lead generation tools! 


Whether you’re a one-man army or a full real estate brokerage, Contactually provides all the tools you’ll need to effectively manage your client relationships. Yes, this software will have no problems handling real estate businesses of any size. 

Best of all, it's incredibly intuitive software design makes working with Contactually highly organized and productive. With a few simple actions, you can easily segment your contacts by categories including existing, new, housing criteria, and much more. 

Contactually is growing its powerful AI capabilities that are aimed at helping to optimize the agent’s workflow. You can try out Contactually’s free two-week trial but we guarantee you will come away very impressed. 

Showcase IDX

For the ultimate MLS-integrated website experience, Showcase IDX is a force to be reckoned with. Its founder and current CEO, Scott Lockhart, has a history of founding many technologies for the real estate market.

With their Showcase IDX plugin for WordPress websites, the years of trial and error and improvements have paid off in a big way. Showcase IDX plugin makes it easy for visitors to conduct their property searches directly from an MLS-supplied feed, right on the website. 

This powerful plugin also comes with a robust CRM system that makes it easy for agents to capture high-quality leads. Showcase IDX is a lightweight software masterpiece that can help streamline your lead generation efforts and grow your bottom line. 

There are many realtor lead gen solutions on the market, and they all claim to provide many of the same benefits. We encourage you to try out the amazing lead generation software tools listed above and take your business to the next level.