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Oct 25



Many people lump all roofing service providers under one category, but the duties are differentiated according to the level of specialist. There are numerous options for roofing inspectors, roofers, and roof contractors in Indianapolis. Although there are some similarities in the roles of each roofing contractor possess distinct roles that make them distinguish themselves from their competitors. Roof contractors are responsible for the entire roof installation procedure, as do general contractors who manage an array of experts in a building.


Construction professionals are roofing contractors who not only oversee the work that is being completed for the construction project but can also guide it through the permits and inspection processes. Continue reading to find out details about the services a Roofing Made Easy roofing contractor provides.


Even though a roofing professional may not be skilled in inspections, they will be able to review your roofing job and provide an estimate. A consultation is the very first stage of the process for installing a roof. This is when the roofing contractor will assess the scope of the project and every component. Estimates can be created after an initial assessment of your plan to ensure everyone knows the cost estimate for roofing installation.


The next service offered by the contractor is project assessment, which is performed once the contractor has a solid grasp of the size of the project. After reviewing your roof project and its needs in terms of the materials, equipment, and labor, and site work, the contractor can determine what the project's parameters are like the timeframe, and the work schedule. After the estimate has been accepted and signed by the contractor, the phases can be scheduled and the workers designated.

The management of projects

Based on the size of your roofing job, multiple teams may be required. You'll need people to remove the roof and transport it away. Roofers are also required to set up the new roof surface. These professionals will be unable to start work until all necessary supplies are ordered and scheduled to be delivered on time. All of this is managed by a roofing company. A contractor is in essence a project manager. They organize and oversee each aspect of the roof installation process including the procurement of materials and scheduling skilled craftsmen.

Inspections and Permits

It is not necessary to learn the procedure for permits or your local authorities to receive approval to begin the work if you employ an expert roofing company. This process is also managed by a roofing company. Additionally, you can rely on your contractor to ensure that the roof is inspected by the right authorities and cleared for finalization after the roof is put in place.


Your roofing contractor will ensure that you have the best materials and adhere to industry standards for installation. The contractor acts as your intermediary and advocates to ensure that the roofing is done in accordance with your requirements and that you're satisfied with the results.

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